Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bryan and Lindsay's Wedding

Bryan and Lindsay were married on the 18th of September, but I've been waiting to post pictures until they returned from their honeymoon.
They had a beautiful wedding!
Lindsay looked especially beautiful and radiant!

And Bryan looked HAPPY!
There is something about this shot in black and white that I really REALLY like! I like it in color, also..... but, I prefer black and white. I also like the camera angle. I took a few shots with the doorway appearing to be straight, but I really like the tilt better. It gives the portrait an artistic feel and modern look. Blending that modern look with the classic style of black and white adds interest.... at least to me!
The church had pretty stained glass windows!
If you look closely at this one, you can see the love in their eyes! This is a marriage that I expect to last forever!
Lindsay's veil hanging in the window!
Lindsay, again! Only this time she has a happy care free smile!
And Bryan!
I really like this shot of Bryan! The guys were actually on time and dressed fairly early, so my husband was able to get several good shots of Bryan, his best man and groomsmen.
An actual shot of the ceremony!
And - I have a rough draft of the wedding slide show waiting for Lindsay's approval. I should be posting that very soon!


  1. Bryan and I couldnt be any happier with the pictures you and your husband took! Awesome job!! Thank you so much! We will never go to anyone but you to take our pictures!

  2. Awesome job! She was soooo beautiful that day!

  3. In the doorway one, is that a mirror behind her or a series of doorways? That pattern really makes the shot for me. I also agree that the tilts works well. Very nice pics and what a lovely couple!