Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Portraits

Last night I had the opportunity to do family portraits for another beautiful family!
I love doing family portraits! I find it encouraging to see real families interacting and loving one another. In the imperfect world that we live in, the family is still going strong. And - it's the perfect place for a child. I wish every child had the benefit of growing up in a family environment.

This family was wonderful to work with!
Their little girl is amazing. She's cute, she's strong and she's VERY confident. She's got the kind of confidence that kids get when they have a real sense of belonging.... and they know they are loved!

She's got a strong Daddy who she loves.... and it's obvious that he loves her!

She's got a loving Mommy to nurture her and make sure all of her needs are met!

And her Mommy and Daddy love one another!
That's what makes a beautiful family! LOVE! Can't you just see the love?

To see more of this beautiful family click HERE and choose Rochelle's Family!


  1. Rochelle's Family epitomizes "Family" as God intends. They demonstrate God's Love in action and is a clear testimony of the results of doing it "God's Way". Great job of capturing this in Artistic Images!