Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween Pumpkins!

This morning, my daughter-in-law, Brandy came over to help me get ready for Halloween. We made Halloween Pumpkins. They are really simple to make and they are made out of common household items...and... they are super cute!
I saw them on another blog, but I can't remember whose blog it was. I looked, but I couldn't find it again to link to it. So - If it was your blog, just let me know and I'll be happy to give you credit!

Three of my pumpkins!

Pumpkin Making Supplies

If you want to make your own pumpkins, you will need Halloween fabric, fall leaves, toilet paper, paper towels, brown twine and the cardboard tubing found on pants hangers from the dry cleaners.

Simply set a roll of toilet paper on the fabric. I got the inexpensive store brand toilet paper and it worked just fine.

Wrap a few paper towels around the toilet paper roll and bunch it up.

Pull the fabric up and stuff it in the hole in the middle of the toilet paper roll.

When it's all stuffed it should look like this!

Make a stem. For the stem you cut off a piece of the cardboard tubing. I covered one end with a piece of a brown paper bag, so the hole in the middle wouldn't show. Then wrap the stem with the twine. I used hot glue to hold the twine in place. If you're making this with children it might be a good idea to make them stems in advance - or just use sticks. This would prevent them from being burned by the glue.

Stick a few leaves in the top and insert the stem!
Isn't that cute!
And who would have thought you could do that with a roll of toilet paper? It's so simple, too.


  1. They are cute! I had fun making them even tho i had issue with the folding the fabric lol
    We put ours on our tv stand thing!

  2. I had fun making them, too! And... I'm one skill closer to being ready for preschool! :-)

  3. Those are cute!! Those aren't just for Halloween they are FALL decorations. You can use them until it is time to put up your Christmas tree (which by the way, we are selling ours to someone and they go to our church!) Since we can't decorate for fall this year we will just have to decorate really big for Christmas!!!

  4. These are so cute! Link them up on Thursday if you remember.