Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photography Class

My photography class met again today and we continued to study Macro Photography!
Since we will be doing pictures for a local jewelry store, soon, I set out a few pieces or jewelry as well as other small items I had on hand for us to practice with.
This is coral that Grace, Heather & I picked up on Torri Beach while I was in Japan.
Here is a rose and a pearl necklace!
A red rose and a bridal set. This would be much prettier if this were a real bridal set. The stones would have a lot more clarity. But, this set has served it's purpose. I purchased it once in a little accessory shop on sale..... just for Macro practice!
And - remember these? There is something you don't see a lot of anymore. Once upon a time they were a common household item.
And - I pulled these out because I wanted a little COLOR!

I also had goldfish, skittles, fruit loops, river rock and copper colored screws. I just didn't happen to take any pictures of them.

And - our class decided to have a contest. The topic for the contest is Macro and the students will be e-mailing their pictures to me sometime between now and next Thursday. Hopefully, they all got good shots - and they will work with their cameras to get even more. I would love to see some creative entries.


  1. The fake bridal set is still pretty!
    I LOVE the color pencils! Its my favorite!

  2. Are those pencils waiting for Grace??

    And you will have to see the pieces of coral and shells Dustin found today!! Hopefully there won't be a Decky in the buckets this time :-)

  3. Yes - those pencils are waiting for Grace. We didn't use them - we just photographed them!

    And - did you take pictures of the coral?