Thursday, September 30, 2010

Charmayne's Senior Pictures

Charmayne is a bit adventurous. I think she could walk a mile over the toughest terrain in a pair of high hills. She wanted her pictures done in a dilapidated part of town because she likes it's rustic character. So, we were rather excited when we saw this! An old elevator shaft that has been discarded, but has not yet been hauled off!

The tall grass in the field beside the elevator shaft!

A doorway down town!

With her puppy, Mocah! Mocah is cute and sweet and very VERY playful! It broke my heart when she told me that the wounds on his back were caused by someone throwing a pan of hot grease on him. Cruelty to animals (or, children for that matter) should not be tolerated. But, it looks like Mocah is safe now. And - very much loved!

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  1. I am with her on the elevator shaft. I would have had a ball with pictures there!

    It is so sad when we see that some people pick on those who cannot defend themselves such as animals or children or even the elderly. Mocha is a lucky dog to have found someone to care for him.

  2. I like the pictures in the field the most!