Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Butterfly Garden Update

Yesterday, there were at least three butterflies in my garden at any given time. I counted as many as nine at one time and saw many new species visiting. I was able to get pictures of SOME - but some refused to cooperate and flew away when I grabbed the camera.

This is a Buckeye! I don't know if it is a male or female, but pink seems to be it's favorite color! Could that be a hint?
This is a Gray Hairstreak!

And - I have been unable to identify this one! It likes keeping it's wings tightly closed so I can't see it's markings clearly!

And no - this isn't a hidden pictures puzzle. Just my Crepe Myrtle which I am happy to see in full bloom. It was sort of sickly when I bought it, but it was on sale and I hoped to be able to nurse it back to health. I didn't expect it to bloom this year, but it has and it's beautiful!

And, I think it is courting season in the butterfly world. Here are a couple of field cresents trying their best to impress one another.

The moths are even joining in on courtship rituals. I think these are ordinary skippers.

Mylitta Cresents - characterized by the row of black dots on their wings.

Mylitta Cresents again. These are my most common visitors! They are also the least afraid and the most cooperative. I wish they would mention how harmless I am to the big black swallowtail and the bright yellow and pale yellow butterflies so I might get a picture of them, also. And while they're at it - the hummingbirds need to get that message, too. They seem to hit the feeders in full flight and then high tail it out of here like a rude dinner guest.
Is expecting a few manners, expecting too much?


  1. The first one and last one are my favorites!

  2. Gorgeous! I wish we had butterflies. I guess it might help if we plant butterfly bushes... I once got a picture of a hummingbird. Those little buggers are hard to get!

    I saw Heather's house on her site that you guys helped them pick out... Beatuiful!!

  3. I just love butterflies. It is hard to decide which is prettier, the butterflies or the flowers.

  4. Soooo beautiful! I wish butterflies will visit my garden even once in a while. But I think butterflies do not like peppers and herbs. LOL. If only I had flowers in my garden. Got to try planting flowers in the back yard! LOL. Thanks for sharing these photos. This is so relaxing.

  5. Your photos are so beautiful. The butterflies are really cooperating in your photo shoot. Lol! I wished that butterflies can visit my garden too.