Monday, July 5, 2010

New Grand Babies are On The Way!!!!

Not to long ago, I met my Son Andrew and his wife Brandy at a local restaurant for lunch and was informed that they are expecting!
They were married on March 9th and the baby is due February 5th, so I was a bit surprised because this all seemed to happen really fast!
And then, just the other day my daughter Heather and her husband Dustin called on the webcam because my Granddaughter Grace wanted to play peek-a-boo on the phone. It took all of one second for me to notice her new shirt - which says, "Big Sister Grace".
This was a surprise to me, also!

How exciting!

Heather is due March 1st, so we will be adding 2 babies to the family in about a three week time frame. I'm excited and happy and numerous thoughts are running through my mind.

Will we be getting a girl and a boy!
Two Boys?
Two Girls?

I can't wait to find out, but, it only matters when I'm shopping! I know I will love and enjoy them no matter what!


  1. I think one of each! =)

  2. COngratulations! Two babies all at once! That's so exciting! I have to head over to Heather's site now and congratulate her too :)