Monday, July 12, 2010

Millie & Ryan's Wedding

Saturday, was Millie & Ryan's Wedding!
Everything went well and the bride looked especially beautiful. The reception was one of the most elaborate that I've seen. The tables were perfectly set and the floral centerpieces were stunning!
But, what impressed me most about the entire event was this little boy!

Isn't he adorable?
Anyone who knows Braylon, knows that he is an action packed little boy. If he wasn't born holding a ball of some sort, he should have been. He plays every sport offered and he's always busy, busy, busy. Yet, he did a wonderful job as a Ring Bearer. And to top that off, he was good for the entire day.
His family must be bursting with pride.
I'm pretty proud of him, myself! Way to go, Braylon! You did a WONDERFUL JOB!


  1. Thanks! I'll be getting more wedding pictures up within the next few days.