Friday, July 2, 2010


I've been taking Madelyn's pictures since she was a tiny baby, and she's always been a joy to work with.
I think this picture is probably my favorite, because it is simply so "Madelyn". Madelyn loves life.... nature, flowers and butterflies. She likes to grow things and watch things grow. She has a little garden and she is a gracious little hostess. The last time I visited she gave me lettuce right out of the garden.
Here she is studying the butterfly (which she informed me was a moth) on her hand. I tried to touch it to get it to open it's wings, but she informed me that you are not supposed to touch it's wings. They have powdery stuff on them and it you touch them it hurts the butterfly and makes it hard for it to fly.
I don't know where Madelyn learned this, but every time I visit with Madelyn I am impressed by something she knows. This child has WISDOM, not just knowledge. Once, while I was taking her pictures she told me that God had made her and she asked if I knew why.
When I asked why, she said, "For His glory, for His glory, He created all things." I think she was about two at the time, and I was astonished. But - that's just Madelyn. A little girl with a pure heart who loves the Lord and everything He's created!

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