Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This is Taylor!
Taylor was needing head shots for her pageant portfolio, so she came in for a quick shoot! I really like this one. I love the natural look that the one out of place strand of hair sort of gives it. Having one strand of hair out of place and framing an eye is also a very "in" look - but, I don't think it's what she's looking for.
So, we shot several more!
Taylor is a very sweet and intelligent girl, who I expect to go far in the pageant world. She's wholesome and innocent which is something I like to see in a role model for girls. Beauty is a good thing, and she's got plenty of that going for her, but character is much more important. I was happy to see that she had that going for her, also! I hope she has the chance to represent our city as Miss Lawton, someday.

To see other headshots of Taylor you can click HERE and choose Taylor

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  1. Pretty girl. Best of luck to her. I wish I had had the idea to try for a pageant when I was her age.